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Best Free SEO plugins for WordPress

Best SEO plugins
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The best plugins free SEO for WordPress

WordPress is one of the CMS that best advantages for managing almost any type of website today, Proof of this are the thousands of plugins that can be installed with various purposes among which are the best SEO plugins. Use a good plugin free SEO in WordPress it means that the site will be fully optimized for search engines know about the existence of the site and can be positioned at different keywords where we focus.

In the following lines, They will display some of the best plugins free SEO for WordPress.

All In One Rich Snippets – Best SEO plugins

mejores plugins de SEO

All In One Rich Snippets

Add star rating, photo of author and outstanding image searches Google in. Striking options to help get more visits.


All in One SEO Pack – Best SEO plugins

mejores plugins de SEO

All in One SEO Pack

It is the direct competitor of Yoast SEO. All in One SEO Pack is a plugin which has a free version with several configuration options for a site using WordPress be optimized, Besides, the paid version has advanced configurations and priority support.


Broken Li Checker – Best SEO plugins

mejores plugins de SEO

Broken Link Checker

Useful WordPress plugin that is responsible for monitoring all publications, comments and other content that is within the website in search of broken links and missing images so we can correct errors.


Google Analytics WD – Best SEO plugins

mejores plugins de SEO

Google Analytics WD

This is the plugin that integrates Google Analytics with WordPress, You can display a lot of reports, send emails and read notifications without leaving the WordPress admin panel


Google XML SitemapBest SEO plugins

Best SEO plugins

Google XML Sitemaps

The plugin for excellence to create XML sitemaps is Google XML Sitemaps, using this plugin will help search engines understand how organized the website and can read it properly.


Redirection – Best SEO plugins

Best SEO plugins


A site done in WordPress with a large number of pages is somewhat difficult to manage in terms of SEO because you have no control errors that may exist with the links. Redirection is a plugin that does this work for us, It manages redirects 301 and displays errors 404 existing so we can fix them.


SEO by SQUIRRLY – Best SEO plugins

mejores plugins de SEO


Plugin that helps content to a website is not only friendly to the SEO adds, but also with people. This will get to have visitors to that they like our content and position in different search engines.


SEO Friendly Images – Best SEO plugins

mejores plugins de SEO

SEO Friendly Images

The alt and title attributes of the images help to position a website, but many of us do not add these attributes to images. SEO Friendly Images is responsible for monitoring all images we have stored and add the alt and title attributes when they are not configured.


SEO Internal Links – Best SEO plugins

Mejores plugins de SEO

SEO Internal Links

SEO plugin that provides benefits without having to do any configuration. further, It shows a fairly extensive list of keywords tailored to the theme of the site.


SEO Smart Links – Best SEO plugins

mejores plugins de SEO

SEO Smart Links

This SEO plugin for WordPress works automatically providing SEO benefits than any site needs, also it provides a customized list of keywords, nofollow links type, among other features.


SEO Tools – Best SEO plugins

mejores plugins de SEO

SEO Tools

WordPress plugin that combines 5 elementary functions to consider a site properly optimized, and it is best that you do automatically.


SEO Ultimate – Best SEO plugins

mejores plugins de SEO

SEO Ultimate

Add the administration panel a lot of configuration options related to SEO as title tags, meta tags, URLs that should not be indexed, Open Graph, slugs, mistakes 404, among others.


The SEO Framework – Best SEO plugins

mejores plugins de SEO

The SEO Framework

Plugin has two settings, the first aimed at those who recently have contact with the wider world of SEO, and the second featuring an advanced panel with options that necessarily need to know what is being done.


WP Social SEO Booster – Best SEO plugins

mejores plugins de SEO

WP Social SEO Booster

So far it is the only SEO plugin for WordPress that adds to the web page on which all types of microdata that are compatible with Google is installed, something that not only helps positioning, but also it gives prominence to publications that are shared on the various social networks.


Yoast SEO – Best SEO plugins

mejores plugins de SEO

Yoast SEO

Known until very recently as 'WordPress SEO by Yoast', It is one of the SEO plugins for WordPress because it takes into account the most important aspects when doing SEO on-page; one of its most popular features is the panel inserted in section to add new entries on the site from where it is extremely easy to configure the most important aspects for an article is properly optimized.


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